Networks Of Marine Protected Areas Managers Making The Difference


June 29, 2022    
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


The Networks of MPA Managers’ Twinning is organising, in the framework of the 2022 UN OCEANS conference of Lisbon, a side event focusing in the “Networks of Marine Protected Area Managers Making The Difference”.

This event will highlight the role of networks of Marine Protected Areas managers at regional, sub-regional and national levels as well as their cooperation at global level that needs to be further supported. Networks of MPA managers are successful in sharing knowledge, best practices and building communities. The EU Ocean Governance project intends to boost this cooperation.

Speakers will be the EU Ocean Governance project coordinator, networks of MPA managers at regional levels (MedPAN…), national agencies (NOAA, OFB..) as well as networks of Conservation Trust Funds (RedLAC…).

The side event will contribute to the theme “Managing, protecting, conserving and restoring marine and coastal ecosystems” by showcasing the value of networks and new partnerships to contribute to the implementation on the ground of UN SDG 14 targets related to MPAs.

Where: The VIP Executive Arts Hotel (location: Av. Dom João II 47, 1998-028 Lisboa, Portugal)
When: Wednesday 29th June, from 18h00 unto 20h00

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Why is this event important

To achieve UN SDG 14, beyond the creation of new MPAs and stronger protection that is needed in the future, it will be also crucial to ensure effective management of existing MPAs and adequate and sustainable financing for them. Acting collectively is needed more than ever to face ocean challenges.

Networks of MPA managers are key to support effective management of MPAs by building communities of practitioners. They embody solution-driven partnerships. They are successful in connecting MPA managers facing the same challenges and enabling them to deploy capacity building, experience sharing, collective problem-solving creativity, and resource sharing among MPAs. Networks also enable the creation of needed linkages between MPA actions on the ground and decision-making processes related to MPAs at national, regional and international levels and ease participatory processes.

Networks of MPA managers and their cooperation at Transatlantic level, offer effective solutions to implement on the ground UN SDG and Post 2020 MPA targets. Through the EU Ocean Governance project, several networks of MPA managers within the Transatlantic region, and beyond, have created a joint strategy to build MPA capacities, to support knowledge sharing, policy advocacy and fundraising.

A new partnership, the new Global Alliance for Marine Protection (GAMP) will also be showcased. Bringing together networks of MPA managers, conservation trust funds and networks of conservation trust funds, the GAMP aims at boosting solutions for effective and sustainably financed MPAs.