On 11th January, a new consultancy for the Global Alliance for Marine Protection was launched by the Ocean Governance Project, MedPAN, REDLAC, and THE MED FUND. In light of the newly agreed upon post-2020 biodiversity targets (read more here), it is more important than ever to ensure effective management of existing and new MPAs and to secure adequate and sustainable financing for them. Even though a range of policies, legal and technical measures and financial investments are currently being undertaken by key partners and institutions to support the sustainable and effective management of MPAs, there still exist many gaps in management effectiveness and financing.

At this point in time where we still have some chances to turn around the continued deterioration of ocean ecosystems, we need to prove that MPAs can be an effective conservation and sustainable development tool. The Global Alliance for Marine Protection is an alliance between national and regional networks of Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) and networks of MPA managers that aims to support effectively managed and sustainable financed MPAs in order to realise the implementation of the post-2020 targets (read more here). 

The new consultant will help to develop this alliance by elaborating on its self-conception, mission and vision for the future with the aim of preparing the development of a first action plan for the next two years. The upcoming IMPAC5 in Vancouver (read more here) will be used as an opportunity for the consultant to conduct individual interviews with the key actors involved in the initiative and to brainstorm collectively. Based on the results of an extensive literature review, working meetings and/or interviews, the consultant will then prepare the following products/deliverables: 

  • Gap analysis 
  • Added value proposal 
  • Objectives/vision/mission proposal 
  • Criteria and identification of additional members 
  • Functioning/governance of the alliance proposal 
  • Action plan proposal 2 years; detailed outcomes until the end of 2024 
  • Main communication messages and power-point 

The final approval of the deliverables by the Steering Group is envisaged for June 2023.