To achieve post 2020 MPA targets, beyond the creation of new marine protected areas (MPA) and more strong protection that is absolutely needed in the future, it will be also crucial to ensure effective management of marine protected areas at local level (meaning adequate human and material capacity as well as skills) and to ensure adequate and sustainable financing of marine protected areas. Networks of MPA managers are considered as a cornerstone to achieve management effectiveness and have the potential to accelerate the implementation of MPA strategic targets with direct impact on ocean conservation at every scale.

Networks take advantage of existing initiatives and partnerships and help to connect with people acting on the ground while providing them with a global framework and the “big picture” of marine conservation. Networks of MPA managers are platforms addressing common management and conservation challenges. By gathering stakeholders for an effective management of marine biodiversity and creating linkages with actions on the ground, they facilitate relevant decision-making processes, at local, national, regional and international levels. Networks of MPA managers exist at national and regional levels; they also interact from national to regional levels and they join forces between different regions, at global level. The side event showcased cooperation among Transatlantic national and regional networks of MPA managers, their achievements by working together and the support they can provide to the implementation of national MPA policies and objectives, regional seas conventions strategies, and the CBD action plan.

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Organised by: MedPAN | NAMPAN | CaMPAM | OFB | Fundación Biodiversidad