One of the main features of the Ocean Governance project is its enabling of continued and new networking opportunities for marine protected area (MPA) managers and other institutions. In each phase of the project to date, the motivation and commitment of partners has been (and continues to be) outstanding, whether for the 3 established twinning projects (focused on MPA networks, resilience, and marine mammals) or for the upcoming collaboration on marine turtles, whose first steps the project is enabling. Virtual meetings have been maintained for each of the twinnings, with partners eager to work through the pandemic as best they can until circumstances change.

“Despite the difficulties faced in 2020 and 2021, partners are really committed to the project,” observed Technical Coordinator of the Ocean Governance project Ms. Puri Canals.

This positive engagement with the project runs through most of the networking activities and is related not only to the twinning projects but to other areas too.

“[Partners] are sharing with us and, therefore, with each other, their own experiences and interests in how to overcome the pandemic situation,” she added.

The number of partners has increased for this new phase of the project, to include new regions of the Atlantic Ocean and also South-East Asia, where some of the project’s main activities will take place.

The aim is that all partners meet for a joint workshop and conference in late 2021 or 2022, depending on the pandemic situation. The experts team, the contractor and the European Commission are all keen to enable this face-to-face meeting as soon as is feasible: ocean governance, after all, is about people and their shared experiences. We will keep you posted.