An online webinar held from 16-18 August 2022 united MPA managers from Brazil and Cape Verde for a joint learning experience. Our Resilience Twinning Coordinator Jean-Jaques Goussard organised the event, which aimed to disseminate the Resilience Twinning and platform resources and tools in these two countries. It was the first event of this kind and was met with lively participation. Eleven Brazilian managers and six Cape Verde NGO representatives attended. 

The webinar kicked off with a presentation of the origins of the Twinning project, historical partners, the resilience self-assessment tool (R-SAT) criteria and guidelines, as well as lessons learned in the past. Marcia Casarin Strapazzon,  the twinning partner in Brazil, introduced the Brazilian cases of Abrolhos and Florianópolis.

Attendees took the opportunity to ask many questions, and their comments emphasised the importance of the exchange of experiences among MPA managers. The South-South cooperation aspect of the event was very much appreciated. 

Due to the success of the event, the possibility of further training was discussed, possibly in the form of a live event in Brazil in 2023.